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    The 89th District

    Our District stretches from Crockery Township in the northeast to Park Township in the southwest. It’s a vibrant region filled with beaches, blueberry farms, and sand dunes. But it’s more than just a tourist destination. The district has a strong manufacturing sector as well.

    According to the Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce, the lakeshore region’s business climate, employee work ethic, and quality of life are community strengths that make it a great place to do business. Ottawa County, in which the 89th District lies, is the fastest growing county in Michigan.

    The 89th District includes the following jurisdictions:

    •         Spring Lake Township
    •         Crockery Township
    •         Grand Haven Township
    •         Robinson Township
    •         Port Sheldon Township
    •         Olive Township
    •         Blendon Township
    •         Park Township
    •         City of Grand Haven
    •         City of Ferrysburg
    •         Village of Spring Lake
    Hear why so many lakeshore residents are supporting Erik’s campaign for state representative.
    Liz P. and Manish J.
    Small business owners 
    “We support Erik 100%. We couldn’t dream of a better person to represent our interests intelligently and thoughtfully.”
    Joe S.
    GIS professional
    “Erik was my college advisor, a person that took the time to connect with, understand, and support me. Thank you and best of luck. “
    Rob D.
    “If ever there was a time that we needed a person-of-science representing us in Lansing, it is now.”
    Jodee H.
    “A smart, kind, thoughtful and very hard-working guy who’s an expert in environmental policy and environmental economics, Erik Nordman will represent our lakeshore area with integrity, respect and experience.”
    Building a vibrant, resilient, and inclusive lakeshore in Ottawa County.
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