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Inequalities based on race is a national concern. Here on the lakeshore, there are residents that feel slighted because of the color of their skin. Challenging ourselves to be more open to the concerns of all of our residents – no matter what side of the political line they stand – is the first step in creating commonalities in our community.
Tourism is a big boost to Michigan's economy. According to a 2019 report by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Tourism spending directly supported 224,476 jobs in Michigan in 2017. With current restrictions due to COVID-19 in place, we need to develop long-term plans on how to accommodate and encourage safe tourist activities.
Higher water levels does not only affect homes along Lake Michigan and our inland lakes. Higher water also greatly impacts our local agriculture. Understanding how we might mitigate these issues can help us to develop long-term solutions for stabilizing our economy.
Let’s make sure that everyone has opportunities to succeed: in education, in business, in civil society, or whatever endeavor they choose.
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